rebounding arthritisTo live with arthritis means to suffer pain agony, to have problem moving your body because of the joint inflammation. Arthritis healing can be very tricky if not impossible process.

To minimize the suffering many just take arthritis drugs. Others want to take a different approach and there are some natural alternatives to deal with the disease and those options can be use together with the medication for more effective curing arthritis.

Rebounding Arthritis – a Perfect Exercise for Arthritis

One of the best and maybe most overlooked natural remedies for arthritis is the rebounding arthritis. As hard as it is for the sufferer to imagine, people with this painful condition must exercise to reduce symptoms of the disease. The reason is simple: the movement of the joint presses out the old fluid and allows for new fluid to fill in. In simple words, white cells reach infected joint and fight the inflammation. Then lymphatic system gets rid of the toxins and the expansion of arthritis is slowing down. Unlike blood in the cardiovascular system where heart is pushing and pumping fluid, the lymphatic system depends its flow on the movement of the body.

Therefore, low impact exercise for arthritis is really good for people with arthritic aching joints and rebounding arthritis is just that, a low impact exercise. Rebounding for health has been endorsed by doctors. It can be easily done at home on a mini trampoline rebounder. Mini trampolines are very practical at home. If the house is not specious, getting a folding mini trampoline is the best choice.

urban rebounding system for arthritis healingA new design of trampolines is the Urban Rebounder. The Urban Rebounder Trampoline is a type of a indoor trampoline with a special bar to hold on to. This is especially very important for arthritis suffers and older people who have to support their balance during their bounces.

Urban Rebounding system was designed by J.B. Berns , martial artist who was recovering from a knee injury. He wanted to keep exercising but needed to agitate his knee joint as little as possible thus the development of that type of mini trampoline. So, the development of Urban Rebound was conscience choice of somebody who knows his body and its needs.

urban rebounder dvd for easier achievement of health benefits of reboundingWhat the Urban Rebounding system includes? It comes with a commercial-quality mini trampoline, a stabilizing bar which is very important for those who either need to keep their balance pr those who just start with rebound exercises for arthritis. Additionally, an Urban Rebounder DVD is incorporated into the system for rebound exercise newbies to get them started with ease and confidence by following urban rebounding video.

A heavier person can be assured that rebounding for health doesn’t finish with fighting arthritis itself. The rebound exercise will also help to burn those extra pounds that are causing even more strain on the arthritic joints. There is no need to be afraid to get on the this trampoline because one is too heavy. The urban rebounder trampoline is capable of carrying a 300 pounds person.

Although the bouncing trampoline fitness brings the fun to working out, it causes neither pain nor stress on the arthritic joints and actually makes it perfect exercise for arthritis sufferers and also seniors, a beginner to this type of exercise needs to be aware not overworking out too much at the early stages of work out. An arthritis sufferer must know that mini trampoline exercise on cheaper types of mini trampolines won’t ensure so called “soft bounce” and the effect of bouncing could be painfully devastating with even more joint agony. First the body needs to get used to the rebound exercise. Therefore, easy up and down bounce is strongly recommended for the first week of usage of the new indoor trampoline.

Urban Rebounder Trampoline

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